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Area 51 Field Trip


In 1992 I saw an unusual saucer-shaped object in the sky. It hovered for about 10 minutes and then moved towards me as if it were under intelligent control, then disappeared. Last year Janice and I took a trip to Area 51, the super top secret military base, (which is a Nevada tourist attraction), and supposedly the home of recovered alien spacecraft


We traveled 200 miles north of Las Vegas to Rt. 375, the Extraterrestrial Highway. It was the most desolate stretch of road I'd ever been on. Our first stop was at the famous black mailbox (now white) a gathering place for UFO watchers trying to get as close as allowed to the secret base





We passed Freedom Ridge, which had been the only location from which you could see the base until the army confiscated the mountain!



An hour up the road we arrived at Rachel Nevada, home of The Little A'le'inn, a bar-restaurant frequented by workers from the base. It started to snow huge snowflakes.


Inside I met the owner, Joe Travis. Famous in UFO folklore, he has been the host to thousands of base employees and most UFO researchers. I asked him about Bob Lazar. Lazar was recruited to work at the base by Edward Teller. (Click HERE to learn about the Hungarian connection)

Joe Travis


Lazar says his assignment was to back-engineer alien technology, specifically a gravity wave generator used in saucer propulsion. Travis told me he believed Lazar, that he had talked to him on many occasions over a period of time and his stories were always consistent. Travis seemed sincere although later, after having bought over $100 in UFO  souvenirs, I wondered about his motives.


Area 51 souvenirs


The trip home was scary. Zero visibility, couldn't see the outline of the road ahead, we probably should have stayed the night in Rachel, but I think we were a little freaked out. There were some strange people sitting at a table in there, deep in conversation, they looked at us suspiciously. We were glad to get back to Las Vegas.

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