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The Hungarian Connection


At a meeting of UFO buffs it was reported that aliens captured by the government spoke Hungarian or "a higher form of Magyar" to be precise. UFO researchers jumped on this "fact" and unearthed the following:

A disproportionate number of  theoretical scientists: Teller, Wigner, Szilard, von Neumann, are Hungarian. (Note: This is also true of early Hollywood producers, directors, writers and cameramen. I'm not sure how the Gabor sisters fit in.)

Edward Teller's closest friends call him E.T.

Hungarian is the most difficult language on earth to learn and does not resemble any world language.

Magyar-like archaeological artifacts have been found in China dating from the ninth century.

Bela Bartok's music in his own time was considered extra-terrestrial by many.

Quote from Enrico Fermi - "Do extra-terrestrial beings exist?  They are already here among us, they are called Hungarians."


The theory is that Hungarians are the decedents of ancient extra-terrestrial colonizers

It makes sense to me - Janice is half Hungarian